Scrobbleware v1
by srikanth on 5/02/2011

I listen to a lot of online radio. I particularly use a lot. Apart from my iPod. Now, is a great site for suggestions and generally browsing music related items. And I’ve had a problem of not being able to scrobble my iPod tracks reliably because I use linux. And I couldn’t find a scrobbler extension that works for live365. So, I wrote one. Yea, it is kind of strange of have a scrobbler for a radio station, because sometimes songs that you don’t really “listen to” might play. However, the stations I listen to generally play the music I typically listen to anyway. So, it “works” for me.

Download it here.

It just barely works. I’ll be improving it though. It’s not exactly pretty right now! And I’m also thinking of adding support for other online stations like Grooveshark.

  • Anonymous

    And also need it on firefox.

    • Srikanth Raju

      Why don’t you? :P

  • watertower2100

    I uninstalled it, because it did not appear to be working on mac os x 10.6 and Google Chrome 11. When I set up the extension I did get a auth.success message so the connection seemed to be working. I was trying to scrobble music from the this page: again, I let it play, checked my page (watertower2100) and didn’t see any plays from it.

    • Srikanth Raju

      Yea I know about this. Something’s changed on live365. I’ll fix it soon when I get some time.

  • Anonymous

    We need Grooveshark fast.