Search is my enemy
by srikanth on 19/01/2013

You get an error message, you paste it into your address bar, muck around a bit in the search results, you instantly find a solution.

Not sure how to do string splitting in Haskell? Well blah, someone on Stack Overflow has already asked that!

Why bother caring to remember which command tells you a list of open network ports on a linux system(Ok, I’ve googled that one so many times that I actually don’t need to Google again – lsof)

Can’t find a function definition? No problem! ctags/Eclipse has it all handled with a few key presses or clicks. So much that I hardly ever remember what file a particular function is in, or even remember the function names for that matter.

For fuck sake, sometimes we hardly ever remember syntax of most languages, because that’s something that’s so easy to look up in Developers’ Guides or tutorials.

The more we rely on search, the less we rely on ourselves, and the lesser we have to grow. Man, I’ve got to stop relying on this shit.

  • Abhishek Kona

    check this out

    • Srikanth Raju

      Ha!! It looks through StackOverflow. Neat!!